All about Lean Simulation Training !!

All about Lean Simulation Training!! What is Lean Simulation Training ? Real world conditions are simulated using interesting and simple games. Participants implement Lean in this simulated condition and see the impact instantly. In other words, participants learn the...

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8 steps to greater self confidence

8 Steps to Greater Self-Confidence We all want more self-confidence. Self-confidence can mean the difference between enjoying life and being afraid. Not all of the factors that contribute to self-confidence are under your direct control. But enough of them are to make...

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TWO reasons why you need a Consultant

Two Reasons why do you need a Consultant to improve your business profitability? 1. You need a different perspective: Being neutral  A consultant will have a neutral and unbiased perception of a problem. As a business head or owner, one tends to...

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14 Principles of the Toyota Way

In factories around the world, Toyota consistently makes the highest-quality cars with the fewest defects of any competing manufacturer, while using fewer man-hours, less on-hand inventory, and half the floor space of its competitors. The Toyota Way is the...

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